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Fittings: (for already pierced areas) from $15.00

All Needle Piercing Prices Exclude Jewellery - we use standard surgical stainless steel jewellery $10-30 (enquiry orders welcome for other jewellery options)

EAR/CARTRIDGE SYSTEM - Designed for ear & nose areas only STANDARD PIERCING (Needle) SPECIALIST PIERCING (Needle)
1x Lobe (includes plain stud) 30 Upper Ear / Helix 40 

Conch 50

2x Lobes (includes plain studs) 45 Tragus 40 Daith 50
1x Upper Ear/Helix (includes plain stud) 55 Nose 40 Rook 50
    Navel / Belly*  50 Septum 50
Nose (nose cartridge system) - includes plain stud  50 Nipple - each  50 Industrial 80
Babies Lobes (includes plain studs) 100 Lip / Medusa 40  
    Eyebrow 40  
    Tongue 40  

*TITANIUM is Recommended for Navel/Belly Piercings

Prices May Be Subject to Change. Walk in Appointments not Guaranteed. Book Now or Phone Us 09 5291405

About | Body Piercing | Fuschia Boutique

Our store has been offering a reputable ear and body piercing service in Auckland since 1998. We have a hospital grade studio, equiped with state of the art sterilising units. All services are offered in accordance with strict Auckland Council regulations guidelines and bylaws. We use single use needles and single use disposable cartridges, preventing cross contamination. We are stockists of quality hospital grade surgical steel jewellery as standard options for all piercings. Upgrades to other metals or add on jewels are available. Our team of professional women only piercers are highly trained and experienced. We are fully equiped to provide the best possible body piercing experience in Auckland and New Zealand. We provide fashion piercings only.


Bookings are available, however if body piercer is available, walk in appointments can be provided.  Consent from a parent or legal guardian is required for any needle or gun/catridge piercings if you are under the age of 16. ID proof of age may be required if without a consenting parent. 

Jewellery Info

We use only high quality...

  • Surgical Grade SS316L Stainless Steel

  • Surgical Titanium

  • Black Steel (PVD physical vapour disposition) SS316L stainless steel

  • Gold Zircon gold (PVD physical vapour disposition) SS316L stainless steel

  • Bioflex Bio Compatible, Flexible Bioplast

316L Stainless Surgical Steel Body Piercing Jewellery

SS316L surgical grade stainless steel is designed for implanting and is the most commonly used material for body piercing. The levels of carbon, nickel, molybdenium and copper are very low and bond into the metal so will not be released into the body, offering the same hypo-allergenic properties as titanium.

Titanium Grade 23 Body Piercing Jewellery

Grade 23 titanium is the preferred metal for use in piercings and implants. It is bio-compatible, half the weight of steel and twice as strong. Titanium is available in high polished and anodized colours.

Black Steel Body Piercing Jewellery

A black PVD coating (physical vapor deposition) is applied to 316L surgical stainless steel, retaining the hypo-allergenic properties and non-corrosive aspects of surgical stainless steel.

Zircon Gold Steel Body Piercing Jewellery

A zircon gold PVD coating is applied to 316L stainless surgical steel body jewellery, retaining the hypo-allergenic and non-corrosive aspects of surgical steel. The brilliant colour of zircon mimics gold.

Bioplast Body Piercing Jewellery

Bioplast is a bio-compatible material for use in piercings and can be combined with 316L stainless surgical steel, titanium, silver and gold. It is flexible and can be cut into the desired length and easily threaded for attachments. Bioplast is hyper-allergenic with no nickel content, can be sterilized by autoclave and often speeds up the healing process due to its flexible nature.

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